Youth Advocacy Movement Testimonials

Cy Goodridge

“Yam has benefited me in many ways. Yam has taught me to be aware of the realities on issues that involve Sexual and Reproductive Health, meeting new faces and delivering the 5 A’s to the Masses. A feeling of pride and accomplishment overwhelms me knowing that I have helped young people make more informed choices about their sexual health.”


Marc Clarke

“YAM has helped me to understand issues surrounding Sexual and reproductive health as well as helped me develop my leadership and team building skills. I hope to one day eliminate discrimination as it relates to HIV/AIDS”

Rachael Harry

“YAM has benefited me on a personal level. There was a point in my life when I was on a quest for answers on some issues within the 5 A’s . When I heard about the YAM Group I joined immediately. I now proceed to give consistent voluntary service advocating for those who have the same quest by sharing information that would aid the youth making informed choices.”