De Living Room

One of the Association's core objectives is to expand young people's access to sexual and reproductive health care in Trinidad and Tobago.  In 2001, FPATT was able to fulfill a long standing commitment to the young people of Trinidad and Tobago when the Association opened the first and only youth sexual and reproductive health care facility in the country.  The waiting area of the clinic is set up like a typical Trinidadian living room, with couches, tables and a television set, hence giving the clinic its unique name ‘De Living Room’.  Informational literature on sexual and reproductive health topics including contraception, puberty, adolescent sexuality, pap smears, HIV/AIDS, STIs and cancer prevention are available for clients to browse while they wait. They also have the option of using a small cybercafe service.

De Living Room provides youth clinical services five days a week and on Saturday mornings. Services include: Contraceptive counselling and services, reproductive health care (pap smears, breast/pelvic examinations, pregnancy tests, blood pressure tests), VCT and STI testing, and counselling on personal and interpersonal issues.

De Living Room, is staffed with trained nurses and Social Worker and a Doctor is available twice weekly.  It is also supported by a network of young people who comprise the Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM), a group of spirited volunteers who dedicate their time and resources to the organization's vision.


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