FPATT's Board

FPATT’s Board Members are a very diverse group that brings significant experience, knowledge, and contacts which have been useful to the organization on various occasions, but especially when undertaking advocacy activities.  They include experts in business, law, human resources and psychology, an Anglican priest who is also a former senator, academics representing the university sector, a doctor with experience with various United Nations’ agencies, and specialists in information technology, resource development, and accounting. Our Board comprises persons from the national community who either volunteer their time or are invited to serve. They make all policy decisions regarding how the FPA is run, with input from the Executive Management.

Dr Jacqueline Sharpe

Gerry Brooks

Paul Hee Houng
First Vice President

Roger McLean
Honorary Secretary

Relna Vire
Honorary Treasurer

Marc Clarke
Youth Representative

Myrtle Ward

Dr. Steve West

Grace Talma

Dr. Spencer Perkins

Douglas Mendes

Dona Da Costa Martinez

Executive Director


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