SRH Training

Training in Sexual and Reproductive Health is automatically given to all nursing staff who commence employment with the Family Planning Association of Trinidad & Tobago. An intensive three week training  programme which includes one week of theory and two weeks of practical training is given to both registered nurses and nursing assistants .

Theory includes information on counselling for youth, men and women, contraceptive methods and management of clients who may encounter problems when using contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections, male sexual health  and other sexual and reproductive health issues.

Practical sessions for registered nurses are supervised by the trainer guiding the nurse to conduct  pelvic  examinations, Pap Smears, Breast examinations and IUD Insertions and performing the required number of procedures for competency. Training also involves pre and post tests, quizzes, lecture discussions, viewing of DVDs and videos and interactive displays. Only when adequate experience is gained in srh counselling and a high quality of care in the performance of procedures is displayed by the nurse will certification take place.

FPATT has also undertaken short intensive training sessions in Pap Smears, contraceptive technology and other srh issues for Midwives, District Health Visitors and other nurses sent by PAHO and the Ministry of Health on occasions. The school of Midwifery also sends trainee midwives for short orientation programmes to observe procedures at both  North and South Clinics.