This programme was first initiated in 1993 with requests for Pap Smear services in a few communities and which grew to servicing over fifty (50) throughout the country today. The programme was eventually funded by the JB Fernandez Trust 1 and 11 who provided FPATT with its first minibus and then the acquisition of the state of the art Mobile clinic in 2001.

Using the mobile clinic our vibrant Outreach team visits communities in rural and underserved areas in Trinidad to provide sexual and reproductive health services to women and men of the area. The programme has received immense support from the communities as for many persons this may be the only medical service that is easily accessible to them. In rural areas, hospitals and health centres are usually too far away for many persons who are unemployed and the cost of going to a private doctor may be prohibitive.

  1. Women’s Health Package
  2. Men’s Health Package
  3. HIV Voluntary Counselling & Testing
  4. Pregnancy Testing
  5. Urine Test
  6. Breast Exam
  7. Pap Smear
  8. Blood Pressure Check
  9. Prostate Exams
  10. Non permanent Contraceptive Services
  11. Sexual & Reproductive Health Counselling

Outreach Schedule for 2012

January 2012

February 2012

June 2012